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Growth strategy.

PEI Group constantly tracks the changing needs of our market participants in order to evolve and improve our products and services. We are quick to launch new offerings as markets shift and expand.

We also make important strategic acquisitions to our brand portfolio from time to time – growing these businesses by integrating them into PEI’s scalable operating platforms and processes.

"The culture and capabilities of PEI are built for growth."

We encourage client engagement with important and progressive investment themes as they emerge, such as ESG (environment, social, governance), responsible investing, diversity, value creation and compliance, across both public and alternative asset class markets.

As a result, we have consistently increased our subscriber and organisational client base, whilst delivering strong revenue and margin growth.

There remains huge headroom for further growth in our markets. Our strategy is to continue to drive growth through customer-led product and service innovation; ongoing investment in digital technology and data-enabled strategies; and by acquiring high quality brands and services in relevant markets where our operating and delivery platforms can accelerate their performance.