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PEI Group Modern Slavery Statement 2023


Pursuant to Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (“MSA”).

This statement is in relation to the financial year ending December 2023 and is made on behalf of PEI Group and our covered subsidiaries:

PEI (United States)

PEI (Hong Kong)

PEI (Japan)

PEI (Australia)

PEI (Singapore)

(together, “PEI Group”)

The statement describes our business structure, relevant policies, and ongoing efforts to reduce the possibility that slavery and human trafficking occur in our business or global supply chains.


PEI is a subscriber-focused business intelligence company. Our purpose is to inform and connect investment professionals across global, specialised markets.

We identify specific high growth, high value investment sectors and themes where deep insight, strong market relationships and active capital flows are critical for success across a range of asset classes, including traditional asset management, private equity, real estate, credit/debt, infrastructure and ESG.

PEI has over 400 staff members and operates in six locations, with offices in London, New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. For further information, please see our company website:


PEI is committed to the prevention of forced labour, human trafficking and related forms of modern slavery. The Company strictly forbids any employee, consultant, agency worker, agent or any other person connected with its business from participating in slavery and only works with companies who operate ethically and comply with social and human rights criteria. PEI positively encourages employees, agency workers, agents, consultants and any other person working on behalf of or with the Company to immediately report any instance where they are either exposed to slavery, or suspect slavery is occurring in the workplace or in the supply chain.

PEI is committed to legal compliance, ethical standards and fundamental human rights as described in the ILO’s international law on forced labour such as the Abolition of Forced Labour Convention (C105) and Worst Forms of Child Labour Convention (C182) and is committed to supporting any person representing the Company, to avoid slavery.

PEI is committed to: (i) detecting and preventing any form of slavery or human trafficking in its business and supply chain, through the implementation and enforcement of appropriate systems and controls and (ii) ensuring transparency in its approach to inhibiting modern slavery in its business and throughout its supply chains. This policy has been incorporated into PEI’s internal policies and procedures. PEI has enhanced its commitment to environment, social and governance (“ESG”) matters through the formation of an ESG committee. A review of slavery and human trafficking forms part of PEI’s ESG considerations.


During the year, PEI completed a review of (i) its structure, business and supply chains to identify the main risks to slavery and human trafficking in its business and supply chains, (ii) the measures already in place to address such risks, and (iii) any additional measures that may be warranted in light of such risks.


PEI continually reviews and monitors its employment practices, policies and procedures to ensure it promotes a culture of managing long-term relationships and maintaining a world-class team, which demonstrate integrity, diversity and collaboration. This ensures that slavery and human trafficking does not exist with respect to the recruitment or ongoing employment of PEI permanent staff, temporary staff, agency workers or contractors.


As an information provider, PEI has a relatively straightforward supply chain model, with suppliers predominantly providing business support services. Accordingly, PEI considers the risk of modern slavery and trafficking within its supply chains to be low. There are, currently, no known matters of concern and PEI is satisfied that none of its material suppliers currently give rise to slavery or human trafficking concerns.


Comprehensive training is provided to our staff to ensure they are equipped to identify possible indicators of slavery and human trafficking in our supply chains and our business.


PEI is committed to putting in place appropriate measures where there is a risk of slavery in the workplace or the supply chain and to the monitoring/reviewing of the effectiveness of such measures on a regular basis.

We are not aware of any modern slavery and human trafficking in our supply chains, and we will maintain vigilance in the forthcoming year.

The person with specific responsibility for anti-slavery responsibilities and procedures within PEI is the Chief Financial Officer

The statement is signed and approved by the CFO, Kashmir Sohi. May 2023.

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